Tickets for Scae World of Coffee

TheCoffeeLocator has chosen Scae World of Coffee 26th - 28th June 2013 in Nice, France as our debut show. Scae is the largest coffee trade show in Europe and is a great opportunity to meet meet artisan roasters in the Village; explore the latest innovations, technology and trends; meet suppliers and industry experts face-to-face; and off course - meet us!

Elephants are behind the latest coffee trend hitting the Maldives

Here we go... We have been on the look out and found some of the hottest coffee trends rocking the world as we speak. This week we check out Singapore's cool coffee culture, the new class of coffeepreneurs in India, elephant dung coffee in the Maldives, with a compulsory stop-off in Italy.

Coffee humour - great coffee jokes

In case you missed it, our growing coffee social network has been up and running for several months now and I could not resist sharing some of the great post that have been brightening up my mornings sat here having a coffee and moderating posts. Below is a "best of" - coffee jokes, anecdotes, posters, funny coffee ads and graphics ... in no particular order. Please share if they make you smile.

Around Italy in 7 historic coffee bars

Visitors to Italy will immediately notice the absence of coffee bar chains, making it a coffee lovers paradise. Most of the bars are old, many have been around for over 100 years, and the coffee is usually very good.

Coffee arrived in Italy via the marine port of Venice, which is here we start this tour around Italy in 7 historical coffee bars.

The first coffee market place - coming soon

Coffeemarket, our international coffee marketplace, will open on 3 December 2012. If you are a coffee retailer, coffee grower, coffee roaster (torrefazione) or in the coffee industry and would like to sell online, we are looking for launch customers to enroll immediately!

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Algerian coffee store - London's hidden gem

Hidden among the endless number of Italian eateries, gay bars, Caffé Neros and Starbucks coffee chains in trendy Soho, the Algerian Coffee Store is a one of London’s hidden gems. This year they are celebrating 125 years of business, and their experience shows. The Algerian Coffee Store is the coffee lovers wonderland, where even the hardcore connoisseur will find something of interest among the 150 types of coffee and shelves crammed full of shiny coffee presses, percolators, beans, teas (250 types), spices and luxury chocolate.

Rain forest canopy - the natural habitat of the Luwak

Recently ousting Jamaican Blue Mountain as the world’s most expensive coffee, around 700kg of cat-poo (or more commonly Luwak) coffee are produced around the world each year, and can fetch as much as $770 a kg in London.

The coffee is made by picking out and roasting partially digested coffee beans from the feces of the South-East Asian palm civet or Luwak, that live around the coffee plantations.

Stevia the natural sweetner that may replace sugar

Stevia, the zero-calorie, 100% natural sweetener, is making its comeback. Banned around the world in the mid-80’s, Stevia Rebaudian (more commonly sweet leaf or sugar leaf), can now be found in food products on our supermarket shelves including teas, juices, cereals and ice cream. It has become so popular that even Coca Cola and Pepsi have gotten in on the act with over 30 of their own Stevia based-sweeteners. The all-natural sugar substitute has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the forests of Paraguay, but can it ever become coffee bar mainstream? We think so.

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